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SPA ToolWelcome to the Safety Profile Assessment (SPA). The goal of the SPA is to provide a practical means for assessing and enhancing safety and quality in the radiation oncology clinic. The tool consists of 92 questions-and-answers designed to assess clinical performance in key aspects of safety and quality.

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Important notes
SPA - the survey.

We hope you find the Safety Profile Assessment tool useful. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Peter Dunscombe & Eric Ford
Please provide feedback on this tool via an anonymous survey available upon completion.

Development Team: ┬áDerek Brown, Peter Dunscombe, Eric Ford, Anne Greener, Michael O’Neill, Steven Sutlief, Michael Woodward, Ellen Yorke

Contributors: Lynne Abess, Brenda Clark, Suzanne Evans, Sandra Hayden, Jennifer Johnson, Loucille Jordan, Grace Kim, Natasha Rosier, Brenda Wray

Special Thanks: Onasis Budisantoso, Farhana Khan, Michael Woodward (AAPM Information Services)