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Planning to complete the SPA

  • When you register you will be assigned a Login ID and pass key. Your ID and pass key are totally inaccessible and that includes the system administrators. You MUST keep a record of your ID and pass key if you want to re-enter the tool at a later time. If you lose your ID or pass key you will not be able to access your saved data.
  • The SPA should require approximately one to two hours to complete.
  • We suggest you assemble a multidisciplinary team to complete the tool. You can, of course, use SPA as an individual member of the department. However, participation by multiple members of the staff will provide a more comprehensive view of your department and will foster inter disciplinary understanding and enhance the safety culture of your group.
  • Results, graphs and bibliographies are only available once all answers are completed.
  • To ensure the reliability of database, we ask that you only retain data that include accurate responses to the questions. Should you choose to do a “test run”, please delete your test run survey when you are complete.
  • After completing the SPA we ask that you please complete a voluntary two-minute survey intended to help improve the tool.

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